Diana - Woodland Emerald ring




A captivating gemstone in its natural, raw state. Its lush green color will instantly soothe and reconnect you with earth energies, as if you’re stepping into an enchanted wood.

Emerald has always been a symbol of truth and love and its dazzling green hues, along with the gem’s rarity, make it a truly unique alternative to the classic diamond engagement ring.

✧ Emerald is the birthstone for May


  • sustainable and built to last
  • ethically sourced fine grade raw emerald

Please remember, the ring you will receive will be very similar to the one showed in the photos. Though I do my very best to make them 100% identical, each piece has its own differences and unique traits.

Also note that the stone used for this creation is a raw, natural specimen so it can differ in shape, size and color.

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