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Are you looking for a Turquoise wedding ring as unique as your love story? This ring is the perfect choice for you. Bold, adventurous and distinctive, Donna is an hexagon wedding ring beautifully framed by a mountain range ring encrusted with three tiny raw diamonds. It’s also possible to add a third raw diamond chevron ring, adding even more luster and singularity to this alternative ring design.

The main piece of this mountain wedding ring set is an Arizona turquoise engagement ring. Cut in an hexagon shape, each stone is completely natural and has its own distinctive features. Each ring that compose this set is individually handcrafted and entirely shaped by hands. The final result is a one-of-a-kind piece full of rustic beauty, custom made to order just for you!


As meaningful as it is beautiful, this turquoise and diamond engagement ring set symbolizes trust, love and happiness. Turquoise is associated with enduring love and faithfulness, while diamonds represent devotion and commitment to the beloved partner. The turquoise gemstone is also associated with purity and protection, its eye-catching sky blue color veins bring serenity and optimism.

Each ring set will come beautifully packed in sustainable materials.

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