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Designed with boho and free-spirited brides in mind, this turquoise and diamond engagement ring set is rustic and precious at the same time. Features an elongated hexagon engagement ring with Arizona turquoise, beautifully framed by a raw diamond chevron ring.

Each one of these boho engagement rings is carefully shaped by hand then electroformed in pure copper, giving them their own unique character. Because we use natural gemstones and because no molds are involved in the process, the final look of each ring may vary. 

The curved band contours the hexagon wedding ring while offering a twist on classic diamond wedding sets. This turquoise wedding ring set is perfect for brides who want to defy traditions but still appreciate the romantic meaning of diamonds. Traditionally associated with love and commitment, the rustic aspect of the uncut diamonds complements the design beautifully. Turquoise represents trust, happiness and faithfulness and it’s the perfect way to wear your “something blue” forever.

Every element of this turquoise wedding ring set is eco-friendly and ethically sourced.  

Tailor-made just for you, this set can be customized with a gold, silver, or rose gold plating finish. As each turquoise engagement ring set is handmade to order, they’re designed from a randomly picked gemstone. If you’d prefer to be able to choose the exact stone, please leave a note with the order.

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