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Earthy-chic sapphire and aquamarine ring 

A dreamy engagement ring full of rustic beauty. This raw sapphire and aquamarine ring is the perfect non-diamond choice for alterrnative brides-to-be. Step away from traditions and embrace the natural raw energies of uncut, unaltered gems.

The organic copper frame of this raw sapphire ring encases the stones into sustainable metal, providing an organic design that highlights the stones natural beauty. We use pure copper because it’s one of the world’s most sustainable metals. The sapphires are mined in Montana so they’re completely traceable and ethical. The raw aquamarines add charm to this unique work of art inspired by the beauty of the oceans. To customize your piece, choose pure copper, or one of the available plating finishes. You can wear this Montana sapphire ring alone, or stacked above a matching chevron band: simply select your favorite choice from the menu.


While we adhere to the same design for each sapphire and aquamarine engagement ring, every stone has color, shape and texture variations. Together with the totally handcrafted working process, you can trust that each ring is always unique. Treat yourself or a loved one to a once-in-a-lifetime jewelry piece. Each Montana sapphire engagement ring comes beautifully packed in eco-friendly materials and ready for gifting.

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