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Rough diamond engagement rings

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Two new Aura Muse designs to choose from, with the same old promise of uncompromised beauty. Rustic and elegant at the same time, these rough diamond engagement rings are made out of ethically sourced diamonds and sustainable copper.

Choose the one that fits your personality and style. Just like snowflakes, each raw cut diamond ring is absolutely unique just like you. These diamond alternative engagement rings exude effortless elegance and are perfect for free spirited brides. 

They features a raw diamond wedding ring elegantly contoured by two curved bands with several smaller diamonds. The 3 stone chevron ring showcases brilliant “rustic cut” diamonds while the second chevron is made out of 1 or 5 raw diamonds depending on the style you choose. Each one of these organic copper diamond ring is literally built around the rock through electroforming. The rustic aspect obtained through this technique enhances the natural beauty of the gems while giving an interesting look.


Diamond is the universal symbol of love and commitment. With this uncut diamond engagement ring you can have a meaningful token of love that is also mindfully made. All our pieces are made with environmentally and socially conscious materials only. Our diamonds are ethically sourced from South Africa, which is well renowed for its strict safety and environmental standards.

✦ Uniquely yours: Because each ring is made to order, the one you’ll receive may vary from the one pictured. If you wish to choose a specific stone, please leave a note with the order or contact

✦ Ready for gifting: Elegantly wrapped in recycled fabric ribbon and packaged in a FSC certified jewelry box, this set makes the perfect surprise for your loved one.

✦ Customizable: Select your style, ring size and custom plating finish. Our platings are 20 times thicker than most plated jewelry to ensure a long lasting quality.

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