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Break free from traditions by choosing an engagement ring that reflects your unique personality and relationship. Straight from the earth and beautifully crafted, this raw uncut diamond ring is the perfect blend of beauty and integrity.

Pure, ethereal, candid as snow and 100% guilt-free. Individually handcrafted with the highest standards of ethics in mind, each raw diamond engagement ring truly is a one of a kind. Just like snowflakes, no two raw diamonds will ever look exactly alike. That’s what makes rough cut engagement rings so special and distinctive.

Diamond is not only beautiful but also a symbol of eternal, flawless and unchanging love. 

Each one of these raw gemstone rings is inspired by the gem itself. We literally create each ring around the stone, by electroforming it in pure copper. This earthy looking metal is highly sustainable and meant to last. With these eco-friendly engagement rings you can have a meaningful token of love that suits your style and values.

✦ Customizable: Each copper diamond ring can be customized with thick plating options in silver, gold and rose gold. Our platings are 20 times more durable than most commercial plated jewelry so you can enjoy the shiny finish of precious metal for a long time.

✦ Uniquely yours: As each ring is handmade to order and features uncut gemstones, they can be slightly different in aesthetic. If you’d prefer to choose your exact stone, please add a note alongside your order or send an email to love@theauramuse.com.

✦ Ready for gifting: Each ring is packaged in an eco-friendly Aura Muse jewelry box and wrapped in a beautiful recycled fabric ribbon that is sure to delight.

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