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Earthy, beautiful Montana sapphire ring

A dreamy looking ring full of rustic beauty. This raw Montana sapphire ring is a completely ethical and naturally fair-trade choice for engagement rings.

An organic metal frame surrounds a single Montana sapphire that recalls the bluish-green hues of the ocean. The metal band offers a simple design that highlights the stone’s natural beauty. To customize your piece, choose pure copper, gold plating, palladium plating or rose gold plating–each metal brings out different shades in the gemstone. Dozens of tiny angles shimmer when the stone hits the light like the sunlight glittering on the waves. When you peer into the jewel, you find multiple shades of blue and green, like a drop from the ocean depths preserved in stone.

Our sapphire promise rings are sustainable and conflict-free. No explotation or shady business practices–just the rewards of honest, reliable jewelry making. We use pure copper because it’s one of the world’s most sustainable metals. The sapphires come from Rock Creek near Philipsburg, Montana, so we can trace our gemstones back to the source. Contact us if you’d like to learn more–we’re happy to talk about our commitment to protecting the environment.

While we adhere to the same design for each blue-green sapphire ring, every stone has color, shape and texture variations. Treat yourself or a loved one to a once-in-a-lifetime piece. Each one of our raw gemstone engagement rings comes beautifully packed in eco-friendly materials and ready for gifting.


  • Raw Montana sapphire

  • Pure, sustainable copper

  • 100% ethical

  • eco-friendly packaging

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