Aspen - Raw Emerald Mountain ring




The imposing pines, the aroma of wild moss, the singular formations of rocks…

Do you love putting on your boots, throwing your backpack on your shoulders and going on long hikes in the mountains?

If your answer to all of this is yes, you are looking at the ring that most represents this in the entire Aura Muse assortment. Made entirely with ethical and sustainable materials from the Earth such as copper and a beautiful green emerald, it is the perfect companion for the hikers who care about the environment.


  • pure sturdy copper, 100% sustainable and built to last
  • raw Brazilian emerald

Please remember, the ring you will receive will be very similar to the one showed in the photos. Though I do my very best to make them 100% identical, each piece has its own differences and unique traits.

Also note that this piece features raw, uncut specimens so they can differ in shape, size and color. 

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