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Rustic & precious engagement ring for the alternative bride

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind sensation, this raw emerald engagement ring is perfect for you! 

Thoughtfully handcrafted in our studio in northern Italy, this emerald and diamond engagement ring is not only beautiful but also ethical and sustainable. From gemstones, to metals to packaging, all our materials are always eco-friendly and mindfully collected.

This captivating lush green gemstone is rustic and precious at the same time. Adorned by two raw diamonds as side accents, this raw emerald ring is sure to get attention.

Emerald is not only a beautiful and regal gemstone but its symbolism has long been associated with love and commitment. That’s why emerald stone engagement rings are so popular among brides-to-be. Their rich green hues are eye-catching and so charming too! The organic setting  creates a beautiful contrast, making each uncut emerald ring truly pop.


Each one of these natural emerald rings is individually handcrafted and will be different than the other. The stone’s shape, color and size may vary too because they’re raw, uncut specimens.

If you want to be able to choose the exact gemstone we’ll use, just reach out to love@theauramuse.com and we’ll happily send you a photo of all emeralds currently available.

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