Snowflake bridal set - Raw diamonds




A bewitching bridal set full of ethereal beauty and 100% guilt-free. 

Made with the highest standard of ethics in mind, this set of rings is made out of fully sustainable copper and conflict-free, responsibly sourced raw diamonds.

Just like snowflakes, no two raw diamonds look alike, making each ring set absolutely unique and one of a kind.

Diamond is not only a stone of beauty but also a universal symbol of eternal, flawless and unchanging love.

Aura Muse firmly believes that we owe that same amount of love and respect not only to our beloveds but also to our Mother Earth and her inhabitants. That’s why you can rest assured that all our pieces are made with environmentally and socially conscious materials only. You can read more about our ethics here.


•pure sturdy copper, 100% sustainable and built to last
•ethically sourced and conflict-free raw diamonds

Please remember, the ring you will receive will be very similar to the one showed in the photos. Though I do my very best to make them 100% identical, each piece has its own differences and unique traits.

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