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Purple sapphire rings with raw diamonds. Available as a two-piece or as a three-piece bridal set. Handmade out of pure copper and customizable with a 10 micron plating finish in gold, rose gold or silver.

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*Current processing time is: 1-2 weeks for solid copper and silver plated rings, 3-5 weeks for gold and rose gold plated rings. Visit our shop terms page to know more.

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A whimsical combination of natural precious gems. If conventionality is not her type, these purple sapphire rings are a truly unique choice for your proposal. The main ring features three sapphires in varying shades of purple, embellished by raw diamonds on the sides. It can be completed with one or two raw diamond chevron bands, as shown in photo. Made out of raw uncut gems encased into rustic copper, this purple wedding ring set looks gorgeous and effortlessly elegant.

The organic shapes of the materials, together with the completely handcrafted working process, make each piece unrepeatable.


Purple sapphire is an enchanting choice for engagement rings. This rare gemstone symbolizes royalty and love while purple is a mysterious color that represents independence, wisdom and imagination. Combined with diamonds, this purple crystal ring is a timeless jewel that will represent your promise of love for each other for years to come. A raw sapphire ring is a modern twist to classic ring designs and it will never go unnoticed. Sapphire is also a very hard gemstone, perfect for daily wear.


Each purple sapphire ring set is handmade to order and always unique. The stones may differ in color, shape and size making each ring a unique work of art. The ring comes carefully packaged in eco-friendly materials and ready for gifting.

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