Halia – Multi Sapphire Ring

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*Current processing time is 1-2 weeks. Visit our shop terms page to know more.

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5 naturally beautiful sapphires, perfect in their imperfections just like how Mother Nature conceived them.

Traditionally associated with purity and love, but also prosperity, wisdom and royalty.

The raw cut of these gemstones makes each ring a one of a kind, featuring different nuances, shapes and proportions.


  • pure sturdy copper, 100% sustainable and built to last
  • raw AAA grade blue sapphires

Please remember, the ring you will receive will be very similar to the one showed in the photos. Though I do my very best to make them 100% identical, each piece has its own differences and unique traits.

Also note that this piece features raw, uncut specimens so they can differ in shape, size and col

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