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Invite the essence of adventure into your everyday! These eye-catching Moss agate engagement rings capture the beauty of forests and lush woods. With stunning dendritic inclusions reminding of moss and ferns, this nature inspired design features an hexagon Moss agate ring nested under a diamond encrusted Mountain ring. The raw diamond chevron band adds sparkle highlighting the geometric cut of the main stone.

Bold and luxuriously rustic, each Moss agate wedding ring set is handmade out of sustainable electroformed copper, giving each piece its own unique character. 

Each ring is entirely shaped by hands, so the exact shape of the chevron bands may vary slightly. Together with the distinctive features of each natural stone, the result is a one-of-a-kind work of art that will be uniquely yours!


With its charming green inclusions, this moss agate engagement ring is reminiscent of lush forest floors. This stone has a strong connection with nature, bringing renewal and focus. Its calming energies bring us closer to the nature as well, helping us disconnect from the chaos of modern society. Diamonds, on the other hand, symbolize eternal love and commitment, making this moss agate and diamond engagement ring set perfect to seal your promise of love. 

Custom made to order in your selected style and size, each montain engagement ring set can be customized with a thick (10 micron) plating finish in gold, silver, or rose gold.

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