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If you’re looking for an ethical and eco-friendly ring, this mens sapphire wedding band is the right choice! Handmade out of mindfully picked Montana sapphire set into electroformed copper, these rustic mens wedding bands are unusual and charming.

If you love the organic, earthy look of copper, you will fall in love with this ring. Masculine and distinctive, this Montana sapphire ring is full of personality. We use raw stones so each ring will always be different than the other. The varying shapes, colors and texture of each gem make each copper wedding band a unique work of art.

Mens blue sapphire wedding band

Symbol of wisdom, faithfulness, and sincerity – sapphire is a meaningful choice for wedding bands and promise rings. It’s also considered a gemstone of good fortune bringing positive energy within marriage.

This noble gemstone is also very hard and durable making it an excellent choice for daily wear. Our sapphires are also 100% ethical and conflict-free. Sourced in Montana, USA they have a completely transparent and traceable origin so you can enjoy the beauty of precious gems without compromising your values.

This captivating blue mens wedding band can be customized with a rich gold, rose gold or silver finish. Our platings are made at the premium thickness of 10 micron meaning they can last very long with proper care. Each ring comes beautifully boxed and wrapped in sustainable materials, ready for gifting.

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