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A modern and unconventional design featuring raw gems straight from the earth. For lovers of natural beauty, our Alaric – mens emerald wedding band is unusual and fascinating.

If you and your other half feel a strong connection with nature, this ring is perfect for you. Handmade out of ethical and eco-friendly materials each one of these green mens wedding bands is literally created around the rock. We handselect each specimen carefully and then electroform it in copper, a very sturdy and sustainable metal. During the electroforming process, a thick layer of raw copper grows onto the gem surface highlighting its perfectly imperfect beauty.

The gemstones we use are genuine and uncut, meaning each raw emerald ring is totally unique. Ethically sourced from small scale miners in Tanzania, you’ll own a little fragment of earth that is only yours. If you love crystals and the earthy look of copper, you will fall in love with this ring. 

Each one of these rustic mens wedding bands is unrepeatable. Since each raw stone is different than the other, every emerald band ring will have its own personality and distinctive traits. The varying shapes, colors and texture of the gems make each ring a unique work of art.

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Emerald is said to symbolize happiness, love, faithfulness, strength. This gem is not only a meaningful choice for promise rings and wedding bands but also very durable. Perfect for daily wear, emerald is a very sought after gemstone among couples. 

Customize it with a rich gold, rose gold or silver finish to reveal the best in the stone. Our platings are made at the premium thickness of 10 micron meaning they’re 20 times thicker than average. Each ring comes beautifully boxed and wrapped in sustainable materials, ready for gifting.

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