Kara – Herkimer Diamond wedding set


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*Current processing time is: 1-2 weeks for solid copper and silver plated rings, 3-5 weeks for gold and rose gold plated rings. Visit our shop terms page to know more.

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A sustainable and earth-friendly engagement ring set with a very unique luster.

Herkimer Diamond is a beautiful natural crystal that shows so much brilliance even in its rough state. What makes this gemstone even more special, and probably the greenest option for engagement rings, is that they’re mined above the ground leaving no negative impact on the environment.


•pure sturdy copper, 100% sustainable and built to last
•genuine raw Herkimer diamond, from the Diamond Acres mine, USA

Please remember, the rings you will receive will be very similar to the ones showed in the photos. Though I do my very best to make them 100% identical, each piece has its own differences and unique traits.

Also note that this piece features raw, uncut specimens so they can differ in shape, size and color. 

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