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Beautifully rustic and unconventional, our Wilma- Herkimer diamond rings exude effortless elegance. Handmade out of raw, naturally beautiful gemstones, this emerald and Herkimer diamond ring is the perfect choice for free spirited brides and boho weddings.

The all-natural charm of the Herkimer diamond engagement ring is contoured by the emerald chevron band, adding a very unique glimmer to this set.

We specialize in raw crystal wedding rings and we love Herkimer diamonds because they shine with uncompromised beauty. Even though they’re technically not real diamonds but a type of quartz, they’re a very popular option for eco-friendly engagement rings because they’re mindfully sourced from above the ground without harming the environment. With this diamond quartz engagement ring set you can have a meaningful symbol of love that is not only unique but also 100% ethical.

Each ring set will come in a FSC certified jewelry box, wrapped in recycled fabric ribbon and ready for gifting.


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