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An all-natural and eco-friendly bridal set 

Mindfully sourced and beautifully crafted, this Herkimer diamond ring set is the pinnacle of crystal wedding rings. Crafted from two chevrons surrounding a third larger Herkimer diamond, this sustainable engagement ring is as stunning as it is unconventional. 

But what is a Herkimer diamond and what makes Herkimer diamond jewelry so special? 

Herkimer diamonds are beautiful and naturally ethical biterminated quartz sourced from surface mines in Herkimer County without negatively impacting the environment. If you’re looking for the perfect blend of beauty and integrity, then this gemstone is for you.

With this Herkimer quartz engagement ring set, you can have a sustainable ring that perfectly matches your unique personality shining from your finger.

The set can be plated in yellow gold, rose gold, and palladium.

Our signature design leaves the back of these crystals open. We don’t use any varnish on the back, allowing the natural, unaltered beauty of these gems to truly shine!


•eco-friendly copper band
•fine grade, authentic Herkimer diamonds from Herkimer County, NY

Because the gemstones used are raw, natural specimens, each ring set will have its own unique features and distinctive traits. Together with the completely handcrafted process involved in the creation, you’ll have a meaningful wedding ring that is uniquely yours!

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