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If you are looking for a wedding ring that defies tradition and feels unique, this five stone diamond ring is a romantic choice!

This rough cut diamond ring works perfectly as an engagement ring or wedding band. It is made from sustainable copper and five uncut, raw diamonds. The full-round band holds three large and two smaller diamonds.

All the components in this multi stone diamond ring work well together to give it that authentic look. For instance, the rustic appearance of the copper band contrasts the diamonds beautifully for a striking effect. 

Furthermore, the diamonds are rough, uncut specimens, which gives them a truly unique and enticing aspect.

Five stone diamond ring by Aura Muse Made Specially For You!

All our rings at Aura Muse are handcrafted with love until perfection is achieved! The diamonds used for this natural diamond ring are conflict-free and ethically sourced, while copper is one of the most sustainable metals on earth.

Each diamond is handpicked carefully and then electroformed with pure copper, creating a distinctive, one-of-a-kind wedding ring.

It is essential to remember that raw diamonds do not “twinkle” as polished ones do. However, when the light catches the various angles of the raw stones’ uneven surfaces, they tend to provide a subdued shimmer. This is what gives raw diamonds a unique and enticing presence. 

While you will not receive the exact ring presented in the photo, you will receive a very similar one. Since the diamonds used are raw, natural specimens, the stones’ shape, sizes, and shimmer may vary.

On the contrary, together with our unique design, and the distinctive traits of each diamond, you can rest assured that you are wearing an unconventional ring that will undeniably command attention!

This Raw Diamond Wedding Ring is Perfect For You!

There is no doubt that diamonds make gorgeous wedding or engagement rings. Moreover, diamonds also symbolize strength, love, and health. Diamonds are known as the universal symbol of eternal love and commitment. Therefore, a rough diamond jewelry like this is an excellent choice if you want to showcase your forever love to your partner.

There are various meanings behind a five-stone diamond ring. For example, some people choose it to represent a 5th anniversary or a total of five within a family, while others choose it to symbolize the line connection between them. However, at the end of the day, the significance of a five-stone ring is a personal aspect.

Either way, if you and your partner appreciate artisanal and natural, unaltered beauty, this raw cut diamond ring will symbolize your love for one another for generations to come!

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