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“Here was the chrysoberyl that all day hides its secret in deeps of lucid green, but when night comes flames with its fiery ecstasy” ― L. Adams Beck

Our “Greta – engagement rings alexandrite and diamond” is such a dreamy choice. Handmade out of raw, all natural and uncut gemstones, this real alexandrite engagement ring glitters with rustic beauty. The main ring features a genuine alexandrite gem embellished by two raw diamonds on the sides. At your option, the ring is also sold as a bridal set. The accompanying chevron band contours the design with a strand of raw white diamonds accentuating its natural beauty. 

If you appreciate the natural energy of the raw, unaltered elements, than this alexandrite engagement ring set is perfect for you. Encased in pure, sustainable copper, this natural alexandrite engagement ring can also be plated in 999 pure fine silver upon request: we provide a thick and high quality plating that lasts longer. 

As part of our commitment to crafting responsible jewelry, all materials used for this alexandrite and diamond engagement ring are ethically sourced. 


Alexandrite is a beautiful choice for engagement rings. Beyond its exquisite beauty and rarity, its hardness makes it durable for daily wear. While it appears greenish-blue under daylight, it showcases a reddish-purple color by night. This beautiful gemstone symbolizes transformation and new beginnings, therefore an alexandrite engagement ring represents your new journey together as a couple. Its ability to change colors, will represent the changes that occur within a relationship. 

If you’re looking for something out-of-the-ordinary that matches your unique personality, the earthy look of this ring is sure to stand out. Each stone is always guaranteed to be natural and authentic. With raw stones, no two rings are ever alike. The varying shapes, sizes and colors of each stone, make each piece a one-of-a-kind that you’ll never find anywhere else.

All orders will come in a elegant and eco-friendly Aura Muse jewelry box, beautifully wrapped and ready for gifting.

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