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Embrace the natural energies that your free spirit seeks!

If you are looking for an authentic yet luxurious wedding ring, this ravishing green engagement ring set is sure to please!

It is a three-piece emerald bridal set made from sustainable copper and ethically sourced emeralds. The full-round ring in the middle accentuates the set as it has a large emerald as a centerpiece. In addition, the two chevron rings feature several smaller emeralds to give that elegant touch.

The elements of this raw emerald engagement ring set complement one another with their different features. The copper band, for instance, helps to enhance the deep green color of the emeralds by encouraging a beautiful contrast. While the emeralds are unpolished and left in their natural shape, giving it a rustic and authentic feel.

Besides beauty, emerald is known as the “stone of successful love”. Therefore this uncut emerald ring is an excellent choice if you seek something that symbolizes unconditional love, unity, and friendship.

If you and your other half cherishes uniqueness, authenticity, and natural beauty, you will fall in love with this precious emerald wedding set for years to come. So why not step away from the traditional diamond ring and embrace the natural earth energies that your free spirit seeks!

Handmade specially for you

All our rings at Aura Muse are handcrafted with love until perfection is achieved! These raw stone engagement rings are made with ethically sourced fine-grade raw emeralds and sustainable copper. Each emerald is handpicked carefully and then electroformed with copper.

While you will not receive the exact ring presented in the photo, you will receive a very similar one. Since the gemstones used are raw, natural specimens, the stones’ shape, sizes, and colors may vary.

On the contrary, together with our unique design, and the distinctive traits of each emerald, you can rest assured that you are wearing a one-of-a-kind sensation!

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