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Raw diamond and sapphire wedding set with uncut blue Montana sapphire, a naturally ethical and fair-trade gemstone with captivating blue-gree colors. Customizable with different plating options.

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Naturally ethical, beautifully rustic

A dreamy Montana sapphire shimmers between two raw diamonds. The matching chevron band elegantly contours the design with a strand of raw white diamonds. Our sapphire wedding ring sets eschew polished stones in favor of raw, untreated gemstones that glitter with rustic beauty. Your choice of copper, gold plating, palladium plating or rose gold plating encases the stones with sustainable metal. The earthy look isn’t just an aesthetic – it’s part of our commitment to crafting ethical jewelry.

We believe in beauty without compromise, so we strive to deliver meaningful jewelry that are fully respectful of our beautiful planet and all their inhabitants. That’s why every stone and diamond we use is sourced through ethical, conflict-free practices that protect the environment and the workers without sacrificing quality. Each one of these blue sapphire and diamond wedding ring sets features raw, uncut specimens harvested straight from the earth – no polish, no unnatural treatments and no excessive cutting that wastes most of the stone.

This Montana blue sapphire ring set looks delicate, but sturdy metals and expert craftsmanship ensure that your rings stay in your family for years to come.

Unleash the free spirit within with our diamond and sapphire wedding set. With natural gemstones, no two raw sapphire engagement rings are alike. We try to make them as similar as possible, but when you order a Montana sapphire engagement ring, you’re getting a one-of-a-kind piece that you’ll never find anywhere else.

The ring set will come in a elegant and eco-friendly Aura Muse jewelry box, beautifully wrapped in recycled fabric ribbon and ready for gifting.


  • Blue Montana sapphire

  • Raw white diamonds

  • Ethical, sustainable materials

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