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A gemstone of freedom, inspiration and imagination. Wear a blue apatite ring to symbolize your unique personality and free spirit. The raw cut of the gemstone gives the ring an earthy vibe, accentuated by the organic look of the metal.


Handmade out of sustainable copper and fully customizable with different plating finishes, this stunning neon apatite ring surely stands out from the rest. We literally create every ring around the rock, by electroforming it in pure copper which allows to create a unique, earthy looking setting. Enjoy the rustic charm of bare copper or choose your favorite plating finish from Gold, Rose Gold and Silver. Our platings are made at premium quality standards and are meant to last. While most commercially plated rings are only plated at 0.2/0.5 microns of thickness, our rings are plated at the higher thickness of 10 micron, making them 20 times more durable.

Suitable for all occasions and as a promise ring, apatite is the right companion for dreamers and romantics. Its reassuring energy will give you the motivation you need to pursue your dreams, no matter how big they are.

So grab your personal Apatite ring now and walk fiercely towards your future.

✦ Each one of these raw stone rings will come ready for gifting in a jewelry box and elegantly wrapped with a 100% recycled fabric ribbon.

Stones are about 8 to 10 mm and shape can vary because they’re natural, uncut specimens. Handmade to order, each one of these raw gem rings will be uniquely yours! If you would like to be able to choose the exact stone for your ring, feel free to leave a note with the order or send an email to

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