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Black Tourmaline Engagement ring for rule breakers

Subvert the traditional and play to your alternative personality with this Raw Black Tourmaline engagement ring set. Elegant and bold, black gemstone engagement rings always stand out from the crowd.

Embedded with one-of-a-kind uncut gemstones, this tourmaline engagement ring set is a stunning start to your future with your loved one.

It features premium materials including sustainable copper bands and ethically sourced black gemstones.

If you want your jewelry to emphasize your unique style, all black engagement rings never goes unnoticed. Furthermore, black tourmaline benefits include protection against negativity and electromagnetic energies.

The set can also be plated in yellow gold, rose gold, and palladium.


  • eco-friendly copper band
  • mindfully sourced high grade rough black tourmalines
  • comes beautifully packed in a branded Aura Muse’s box

The ring set that you will receive will be very similar to the one pictured. The beauty of raw uncut engagement rings is that each gemstone will have its unique features. As a result, each piece is a one-of-a-kind token of love. 


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