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Enjoy nature’s unadulterated splendor

A beautiful aquamarine engagement ring full of natural charm. One-of-a-kind and alternative, this aquamarine crystal ring is made out of raw stones that capture the serenity of the ocean. Encased on a rugged, organic setting it’s the perfect choice for bohemian brides and nature lovers.

Leave polished gems behind and embrace the rustic look of raw materials. With this raw aquamarine ring you’ll have a little fragment of earth that reflects your unique style and love story.

Every gem is handselected with care then electroformed in copper, a very sustainable metal that you’ll feel good about buying. Customize it with your favorite plating finish or enjoy the rustic elegance of bare copper.

Order a natural aquamarine ring that is uniquely yours! While we try to replicate each ring as similar as possible, the varying shapes and colors of the stones make every piece always different and unrepeatable. These unique aquamarine rings will come in a eco-friendly, FSC certified jewelry box, elegantly wrapped in recycled fabric ribbon.


  • Raw, untreated stones

  • Sustainable materials

  • Eco-friendly packaging

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