We love to create beautiful, soulful jewelry with a unique personality and distinctive traits.   

Each one of our jewelry is individually handcrafted out of electroformed copper and fine grade gemstones incorporated into rustic, organic textures to create one a kind pieces to be treasured forever.

We craft every single piece with the utmost attention to details to ensure that every time you buy an Aura Muse jewel you get a truly unique piece, flawless and built to last.


Every gemstone is ethically and sustainably sourced from trusted sellers who share our same values and ethics.

We care deeply about our planet and all their inhabitants. That’s why we strive to deliver jewelry that are not only beautiful but also socially and environmentally conscious. 


Copper is the perfect choice for someone looking for a rustic and sustainable jewelry piece.

Shiny or oxidized, it’s a really fascinating metal that looks beautiful on both women and man. 

It’s also very durable and one of the few metals that is 100% sustainable. 

My name is Veronica and I’m the artist behind Aura Muse.

The inspiration for my works comes from the effortless yet immaculate beauty of the natural world.
I love to incorporate raw, perfectly imperfect gemstones into my designs to create meaningful, one of a kind tokens of love.


Each one of my piece has its own unique traits and personality, just like you.

From everyday jewelry to engagement rings and bridal sets our jewelry always pursue authenticity and freedom from conventions. That’s why our designs are the favorite choice among those couples who wants to celebrate their love while staying true to themselves.